Looking to Create More Balance?

Join the 7 week challenge for Working Christian moms Building a Life that Rocks

Look, I get it. Life gets busy and full.

You have all these intentions of what you want to do. What you want your life to be. 

But it's just not. It's moving to fast.

Well, it's time to hit the pause button and join us for this 7 step challenge to create a life that you love! This challenge is totally free and accompanies the weekly podcast, Your Life Rocks for Christian Working Moms.

Each week you will gain access to bonus content that accompanies the weekly podcast, encouragement, and organization for the weekly thought starters and tasks that you will need to do to follow along. You got this!

In fact, the lessons are so easy, you could take this 7 week challenge and do it in 7 days. But it's summer time! So, lets space it out and enjoy the sume of growth.

Want in on this?

Let me know the best email to get in touch and I'll send you all the details!