Redefine Balance For Your Life

Join the 10-week program designed to help you create the best version of yourself in all areas of life.

It's time to cut the chaos, lose the guilt and be free to be all that God created you to be!

As a working mom, your life is very full and it can be hard to stay on top of it all. Not to mention feeling like you are living a life of purpose. The Life Balance System was designed to give you the systems you need to create balance. During the Life Balance Academy, you will learn the system and receive coaching to apply it to our unique situation. 

Grow to be the best version of yourself in all 8 areas of life with weekly coaching from an expert in faith, marriage, parenting, career, home, health, finances, and friendship.

Plus, you'll get a Life Balance 90-day planner to help you live it what you are learning.

About the Program

Learn the foundational principles of the Life Balance Program

This is the system that when followed, allows for you to create more balance in your life. It allows for you to focus on all 8 areas of your life without causing overwhelm. It's full of guilt here! We focus on creating balance by putting God first, being in community and following this system. Not only will you learn the Life Balance Program, but you will also be coached on how to customize it to your unique life including your working situation, the stage of development your kids are in and more.

Grow with a new expert each week

Each week we will focus on growth in one area of life together. You'll learn practical tips that you can apply to your life even with your crazy schedule. This program is about progress and not perfection. Plus, you will get to learn how to be the best version of yourself in that area from our area experts through their live training. You'll be able to ask questions and build a realistic plan for growth.

Get results through practical application

It's one thing to learn, it's another thing to do. Throughout the program we will be focused on accoutablitly for daily action, habit building, and actually doing the program. You will receive the Life Balance Planner mailed to you as part of this program to help you with the action items weekly and daily. The Your Life Rocks app is also a great help in following this program. You can download the free app in your app store. 

*Life Balance Membership is not included

The next session begins on January 20th 

Special introductory price of $199

Includes full 10-week program, coaching in the private group, instruction of the Life Balance Program, training from all the experts, and a Life Balance 90-Day Planner mailed to you.

Meet Your Expert Trainers

Lindsay Young, Lindsey Lives Well-Health

Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach and Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist empowering and educating moms to create a body they love with real food nutrition. 

Joy Acaso, Parent-Child Specialist- Parenting

Parent-Child Relationship Specialist on a mission to help working moms navigate and strengthen their relationship with their children which is the key to helping children thrive

Amber Sandberg, Mom Inspired Living- Friendship

Inspiring moms to culitvate friendships that matter bringing joy and meaning to your life. She leads other women in ways to intentionally create more fun in their everyday life.

Sami Womack, Sunny Side Up Life- Finances

Budgeting coach inspiring women to live abundant lives through budgeting, and intentional living. From living paycheck-to-paycheck + drowning in debt, to acheiveing finacial freedom.  

Jenny Welsh, Home After Three- Home

Taking the organizational skills learned in the workplace and helping you apply them to your home to declutter, & build routines so you have more time to do what you love.  

Kimberly Walton, Cherished Wives-Marriage

Marriage mentor working with Christian women to create and nurture successful marriages. She provides practicle “how-to’s” for developing greater intimacy, and strengthening relationships.  

Lindsey Cooper, One Eighty Ministries- Faith

Speaker and motivator helping people turn their path in life around to align with God. She does so with a focus on healing, living with purpose, and giving and receiving love.

Jenny Stemmerman, Your Life Rocks - Career

Over 14 years of leadership in corporate settings, as well as running and operating businesses. Learn to lead your career by taking personal accountablility a intenionally use the gifts God has given you.

Hello, Welcome to Your Life Rocks

Meet your coach, Jenny Stemmerman, Founder of Your Life Rocks, Creator of the Life Balance System

Jenny has coached thousands of women through her podcast, productivity app called Your Life Rocks and Life Balance Membership. With over a decade of coaching experience to draw from, she has a unique way of helping working moms create a practicle action plan to get where they want in their lives without sacrificing any of the things that God has called them to in their lives.

Learn more about her teachings on the Your Life Rocks podcast. Click here to listen.

The next session begins on January 20th 

Special introductory price of $199

Includes full 10-week program, coaching in the private group, instruction of the Life Balance Program, training from all the experts, and a Life Balance 90-Day mailed to you.


Q: Where will this program take place?

A: The Life Balance Acedemy will be held in a private Facebook group just for members of this program. 

Q: How long will I have access to the training?

A: You will have access to the group and all the training material that it contains for as long as you choose to remain in the group. The training will not be deleted and you can go back in at any time.