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Life Balance 


Training, systems, tools, coaching and inspiration-

Everything you need to create balance in your life!

Be A Part Of The Life Balance Movement

Balance in your life is possible-it's not a lost cause. Life Balance Membership is here to guide the way for you. We get what it's like to be a mom trying to balance everything that life throws at you while growing your career. You will find the systems, tools, and inspiration created for working Christian moms just like you.

What Life Balance Membership is...

There are three things that make balance possible. 

1. Having more Jesus in your life. He's called the prince of peace for a reason. Faith is the center of everything inside the membership.

2. Focusing on others. This is why our community is so important. Praying for others and including more people in your life that get you...it makes all the difference.

3. Finding a system that is effective and easy to stick to. This is the core of Life Balance Membership. 

Here's How It Works

Membership can be accessed in Your App or Online

What's Included in Your Membership

  • Courses to teach you systems to create balance in your life. You'll have immediate access to course like Clear the Chaos (7-day audio course designed to help you get immediate relief) and our signature 90-day course, Life Balance.
  • Community of other working Christian moms just like you. Get support, accountability, and ask questions to our founder so you can get the most out of your Life Balance Program.
  • Bible Study: Setting Goas in God's Will.
  • Podcast bonuses material to help you apply what you learned on the show and take the content even further.
  • Member Exclusive Private Podcast. Get bonus training, inspiration, and answers to questions to help you apply the Life Balance system to your life.
  • Plus more bonuses like 20% off planners and other services.

"I feel like I now have a blueprint to reach my goals and create the life I always wanted" -Barbara

Get Started Your Way

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$14.99 /Month 

  • You will have access to all the courses and resources available inside the membership online and inside the app.  
  • After your trial it's just $14.99 a month. 
  • There is no contract, just support.

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*Note: Over the course of the year, Life Balance Membership comes out to less than .50 a day. That's less than a latte a week. Hello, it's a steal.

90-Days Fully Equipped


Everything you need to successfully create more balance in 90-Days

  • Get full access to Life Balance Membership for 90-days 
  • Plus the physical 90-Day Life Balance Planner shipped to you  
  • This package gives you everything you need for your first 90-days of the program. Because we are always growing, your membership will automatically continue on a quarterly basis.  

Regular price: $73.97

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Quarterly Membership


  • Get full access to Life Balance Membership for 3 months. 
  • Your membership will continue at the quarterly rate following your first 3 months.
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Best Value

Annual Membership with a Full Year of Life Balance Planning Sheets for a Disc Style Notebook

Regular: $266.83

Only: $244

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Join now and start the second 90-day sprint LIVE with us inside the Membership! 

We start April 1st! Watch this video to learn more!

Life Balance is Possible

I believe it and I know it. That's why I created the Life Balance membership. We define balance by setting and moving toward goals in all 8 areas of life. Faith, marriage, family, career, health, finances, home, and friends/fun. Life Balance memberships take away the guess work of how to achieve balance in your life. 

Its all mapped out for you to set up the foundation for a life that is full of purpose and peace. You will learn the systems to get you there in an easy to learn way that doesn't add to the overwhelm of life. Once you have the system down, we provide all the resources to grow toward your goals in all 8 areas of life. We provide all the tools and resources in spot saving you time, confusion and let down from things that don't work for you as a working mom.

The Courses Inside the Membership

Clear The Chaos

This 7-Day Audio Course is your first week assignment. It has been designed to help you find immediate releif to the Chaos and put you on the right track to get results with the rest of the resources inside the Membership.

Setting Goals in God's Will

This 4 week Bible study will help you set goals for all 8 areas of life like you have never done before. You will dive into the word of God and seek his truth for your life. Once the Bible study is complete, you will be guided through the goal setting process.

The Morning Routine

Morning routines are powerful and this course will help you design one that will move you closer to your goals. Combine the course with the Morning Routine Habit Maker tool inside the app, and you will be on your way to staring each day strong!

The Life Balance Course

Learn the system that will help you create balance in your life. You'll learn how to plan and implement to help you reach your goals in all 8 areas of life through monthly, weekly, and daily systems. This is the backbone of everything we teach at Your Life Rocks.

Is This Really For Me? 

Are you a working mom? Doesn't matter if you work outside the house or work from home. If you are passionate about the work you do, this membership is for you! Do you have kids? Doesn't matter if they are little or big. If you have family that you are juggling, we have the resources for you. It's important to note that this membership is for Christian woman. We want to help you grow closer to Jesus. We understand how hard growing in your faith can be when you are trying to balance a career and family. The guilt, the judgement....none of that here! This is the place for you!

What Our Members Are Saying

"Jenny, your trainings are transforming my life. Thank you!" 


-Lynn P.

"Already I'm feeling more focused with clear action steps to take me tot he next level." 


-Shelagh R.

"I love having a clear plan and purpose! It is motivating to think about what dreams I want to achieve, and work with others on the same journey." 




Q: How long does the membership last?

A: As long as you want it to. In life we are always growing and reaching new goals. We are here to support you in that.

Q: When do I get access to membership?

A: You will get instant access to everything inside the membership right away both online and inside the Your Life Rocks app.

Q: How much is Life Balance Membership?

A: While it is hard to put a value on finally reaching your goals, I'll break down the costs of membership. We give you 7 days for free to check it out. After the first week, you will be charged $19.99 a month. If you were a member for a whole year, you would spend .49 a day.  

Still have questions? Send an email to Jenny@yourliferocks.com I would be happy to answer any question on your mind.

We can't wait to have you with us!

Once you join, you will first set up your account and sign in information.

You will receive your welcome email with some tips to help you get the most from the membership and an invitation to join our FB community.

From there, we have you covered. We will guide you through the training to help you set up your foundation quickly so you can start to get results without becoming overwhelmed. 

What are you waiting for?

Time goes by fast. Life was meant to be lived to the fullest. 

You deserve peace and your family deserves to have the best of you.

What are you waiting for? Today is the day you begin your journey to creating balance, clearing choas and reaching goals in all areas of life.

Today is the end of chaos and the begining of balance. Time to get started.

Start Your Free 7 Day Trial

After your trial, continue with membership for ony $14.99 a month 

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*Note: Over the course of the year, Life Balance Membership comes out to less than .50 a day. That's less than a latte a week. Hello, it's a steal.