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It's time to clear the chaos and start living fully

The Life Balance Planner is here and it's for women just like you!

It's more than a planner. It's a system

This isn't just a planner to keep track of your time (it will do that too), it's a system to intentionally create balance in your life. We created this planner for the working mom who isn't into settling and doesn't buy into the myth that we can't have it all. She knows she was created by a mighty God and has a purpose in her soul. Is that you?

What Makes This Planner Different?

Seriously, there are so many different types of planners out there. I have a shelf full of half filled out ones. The biggest issue is without the habits and systems in place to use them, they just gather dust. What makes this different is the system and training that goes along with it. This is a 90-day planner for a reason. We want to help you set intentional purposefull goals that move your closer to a balanced life. But good goals are not enough. It is the daily actions and habits that make the difference. See how this planner will support you.

Start With Intention

Before you even get your planner we are starting you off with a process to craft goals that will help you move your life to balance and still help you grow to be the best version of yourself. It's about setting a vision for the journey and removing the obstacles that may get in your way.

Monthly Milestones

When your planner arrives, you will start off with monthly planning by defining your focus and milestones for the first 30 days. Inside the planner, you have everything you need for success includeing a monthly calendar and your Life Balance system worksheets all in one easy to use space.

Move Your Mountains

Weekly focus and preparation for success are key. This is why we have all your Sunday prep, meal planning, event calendar built right in. Each week you choose your mountain you want to move and the planner equips you to take action while maintaining and nurturing the habits that you are building for balance.

Daily Action

This is for your everyday and inspires your action toward your goals. From writing your weekly bible verse for memorization, gaining focus on your tasks, health trackers, an agenda to track your time, and of course, space for a brain dump and to-do's. This is where it all comes together to clear the chaos.

"Your mountain is waiting for you, get on your way!"

Your 90-day journey of being intentional about creating balance can start today

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  • Free 90-Day Goal Setting Course and Workbook to help you lay a strong foundation
  • Accountability and support inside our community

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Do you want to look inside?

This is one of your weekly planning sheets-meal planning and looking ahead at the important events of the week

Another one of your weekly sheets. The prayer and gratitude peice can be added to all week long and referenced everyday.

These are your daily sheets. Keeping up your daily Life Balance habits as well as tracking all the events of the day.

Plus so many more sheets custom built to help you reach your 90 day goals in all areas of life.

What's next?

Once your order is complete, you will recieve an email with your access to your 90-day Intentional Goal Setting training course. This course is complementary with the planner and it will set the foundation for your first 90-days as you create balance in your life. You will be getting started right away toward building your future.