Do you believe balance is possible?  

We do because we believe all things are possible with God. So yes, balance is possible, even for you.  

Download the app that will help you redefine balance and create it in your life!

The app designed for working Christian moms just like you!


Your Life Rocks app was designed for working Christian moms looking for more in life. I mean, finding peace and harmony in life is hard when you are working on your next promotion, trying to be the best mom for your kids, work on your marriage, take care of the house, and yourself at the same time. There is a lot to juggle.

But guess what?

You can do it. You were made for this.

This app will guide you on YOUR journey to redefine what balance means for you in your life. There are two options for you to choose from. Learn more below.

Lite (Free) Version of the App Includes

  • The entire podcast library to get clarity, tips, and advice from experts in all areas of your life
  • Weekly Success Planning Course- This is one of the most important systems for intentional living. From getting clear on what you want in your life to the action steps to get you there. This course has it all.
  • Weekly Planning Tools- Make your new habit easier to implement with your weekly planning tool. Set your prep day add your tasks and go!
  • Encouragement throughout your week with tips, scripture, and more!

Life Balance Membership

  • Everything in the lite version plus....
  • Monthly live group coaching with the founder to get answers to your questions, move through the obstacles holding you back, and gain support from other working moms just like you.
  • You'll progress through 7 Courses to help you create more balance in your life (see the course descriptions below). You will be guided step by step through the content so that you can apply it without the overwhelm and pause it when you need to.  
  • Setting Goals in God's Will Bible Study. Seeking after God is our number one pillar of balance. Dive into the Bible with this guided tour examining the 8 areas of life that we all balance.
  • Morning Routie Planning tools to help you build an impactful habit of a morning routine.

Upgrade for $9.99 a month (no contract)

*Upgrade takes place inside the app


Courses in Life Balance Membership

Looking for immediae help? This 7 day auido course will guide you through simple and quick exercises each day to make an instant difference in your life.

This is our 4 week Bible study that brings you right into the word of God to learn what he says about each of the 8 areas of life you are balancing. Plus, goal setting tools to point your compass in the right direction.

Morning routines are powerful, but everyone is different. Learn how to create the ideal morning routine for YOU and your life plus access tools to help you create this habit.

Learn how to take couple hours on the weekend to set you up to reach goals in all areas of your life. This course covers both discovering your purpose as well as how to execute it.

This course will teach you the life balance system. It's a 90 day approach to moving your life forward in big ways.

90 days wil make a huge differnece in your life. In this course, you will learn to celebrate those wins and move your mindset to focus on your blessings.

Because we are always learning, each 90 days is a new opportunity to grow! In this course, you will learn the strategies to take your new balance life to the next level.

Seasonal courses to help you optimize your time around the holidays, summer and vacations. Learn about leadership, and organization during pop up trainings designed to meet your needs.


Learning new skils that help you simplify your life and live with focus and intention is great, but it only makes a difference when you put it in action. Inside the app you will find tools to help you create the habits that make the biggest difference in your life. 


Stay on top of your weekly prep each week with this checklist plus reminders and tips delivered straight to your phone. Select your prep day, add your tasks, and set your week up for success.


Build a successful habit of starting your day the intentional way. Using this tool along with your mornin routine course, you will design a morning that moves you closer to your goals and starts your day off positively.  


" You have been assigned this mountain to show others that it can be moved. " 


Each month as a member of Life Balance, you will be able to participate in our live virtual group coaching events. Together, we will focus in to grow in a specific areas of life that is relivant to life. Replays are available.

You will be able to ask questions, share what you are struggeling with and get the support and help you need to truely build a life that rocks. Plus, you will be a part of a strong community of other working Christian moms that will share ideas, cheer you on, and pray for you.


Get updated audio podcasts weekly. Download and listen on the go. The Your Life Rocks podcast features experts guests sharing wisdom and practicle tips to equip you to grow in all areas of you life including your faith, marriage, parenting, career, home, health, finances, and friends/fun. 

So, are you ready to Redefine Balance?